Saturday, February 25, 2012


Category: Poetry/Lyrics

“We go back a long way” you (smiling) say.
I match your grin, tooth-for-tooth,
since it’s such a thin scrap of the truth.

We’re a possibly, sort-of, “we’ll see”,
but technically speaking, there’s no you ‘n’ me.
There’s you, with your legs slung over mine, a safety belt.
There’s the time you kissed around my mouth, your lips
a ticking, clicking minute hand.
There’s the night I drank too much
and threw up the subtext of this whole sorry mess.
There’s the awkward fact
that you’re in all my stories
and most of my thoughts
and don’t be fooled, it’s brains that do the feeling.
There’s me, with my stubborn silence
and you, with your stubborn patience.
There’s a vague, fluid “us”
that slips through my hands
like butter, or light.

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