Monday, September 21, 2009

Town Hall Question Suggestions

Category: Issue 16

If you ever get to a Town Hall Meeting and you’re brave enough to ask a question (or someone you know is…), here are some suggestions.  I believe these suggestions will work for all countries, though the first one may be a little to America-centric to be useful:

1. Do you know why Andrew Jackson vetoed the re-charter of the Second Bank of the United States in 1832 and then withdrew US funds from it in 1833?
Background: This isn’t something that can be explained and justified in a few minutes. You’d have to study it. But if you knew it, you could prove it by simply saying that the bank - the central bank, that is - is very bad for a nation, and any leader of a nation that has one would do his country a great service by eliminating it.

2. What symptoms would indicate to you that the government has gotten too involved in the banking industry?”

3. Repeat question 2, but use the medical industry, the education industry, the travel industry, or the food industry.

4. Have you ever proposed a bill that would eliminate a government program so that taxes could be lowered?

5. Since we have agreed that it is immoral to make a citizen shoot armed forces personnel from an enemy country, should we also agree that it is immoral to make a citizen pay a fellow citizen to do so?

6. Can you recall a discussion in congress about certain abilities of citizens that atrophy when government programs take over? For example, does private enterprise job creation slow down when government programs start hiring more?