Sunday, April 07, 2013


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Stare in front of you,
but look at it not.
Focus beyond what is there. 

Open to the sounds that surround you,
but listen to them not.
Strain for the sounds from the past, and what is to come. 

Look beyond the leaves of the trees,
Listen between the rustle of the breeze,
And lightening’s voice. 

Pick yourself up from the ground,
Aim high, lift higher.
Sit in the soft white clouds. 

Sip upon the nectar of God.
Taste the beauty,   
Hear the scent. 

See the glorious sounds,
Touch the song, drink the picture,
Listen to the rainbow. 

Smell the softness,
Grasp the thoughts,
Release the sour. 

Be in Heaven,
See the un-seeable; next to you, 
Behind you, and below. 

Transcend the physical now;
Simply Be. 

And Be, be Love.

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