Monday, November 09, 2009

United States to Benefit from German Solar Technology

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German solar technology will benefit the United States as the German solar company SMA – World’s largest manufacturers of solar inverters – agrees to erect a manufacturing plant in Denver, Colorado.         

SMA Solar Technology AG is going to start its first international manufacturing plant, choosing Denver’s Satpletin area to start its facility, and providing jobs to about 700 people while anticipating the US as a market on the roll. Solar inverters convert direct current, obtained from solar panels, into alternate current, and are used by power grids to supply the same for domestic/commercial use. Low operating costs and greater accessibility are two main factors, besides the availability of educated locals as potential employees, which determine the feasibility of establishing a manufacturing plant in a particular area. For the SMA, Denver comes as just the right candidate in the US.
While the company will add to its profits, Denver (as well as the US) will benefit in return by getting in-home solar energy inverters and greater production of inexpensive, environment-friendly power for household and commercial purposes. Colorado’s governor Bill Ritter is being credited as the person behind the green-energy development in the state. Denver’s would-be SMA facility is the latest evidence.

As the US dollar slides against the Euro, American soil is becoming the center of attraction for European investors and a greater number of production facilities, including those in the energy sector, are expected to be launched by European and other investors. For the state as well as federal government, it is also time to activate their environmental assessment teams so as to get the most out of foreign investment with minimum risk to domestic habitats.