Saturday, April 21, 2007

What Jenna Said

Category: Humor Winners, Issue 7

During lunch, while there were eight children from three different families eating macaroni and cheese and making a lot of noise, our youngest daughter Jenna was singing.  She was singing a simple tune with made-up lyrics about stuff that comes out of people because they eat.  We were visiting with Christal, Kim’s sister, in another room when Kim had enough.  She called to Jenna a few times.

“Jenna!”  Jenna didn’t hear her because of the singing and the noise the other kids were making.

“JENNA!”  She repeated this a couple times, and also the “Come here!” that followed it after each time Jenna screamed “WHAT?”

When Jenna finally came to mom’s side, mom said “That’s enough.  No more singing or talking about poop or pee or anything else.”

Jenna understood that mom wanted to impress upon her the importance of not being disgusting.  She gazed into mom’s face to scrutinize the level of anger.  Finally, since everyone was now very quiet, she asked in a loud whisper, “Even diarrhea?”

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