Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why eff with the Menonites…

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I live in Pa. amongst the Menonites. They’re a simple people. They bother no one. Work. Offer fair labor and products for a fair price. They’re religious and follow a simple code of treat others as you would treat your own. I’m a bit different. Odd some might say. I look like a Circus freak but basically, I’m good people, so the Menonites treat me well. I have a Menonite butcher, a Menonite mechanic and a Menonite electrician. Don’t know that I’ll ever use any other if I don’t have to.

Why am I saying this?

Because I just read that in Lancaster County they arrested a Menonite for selling raw milk without a license. Are you kidding me? Raw milk without a license. And he didn’t even sell it, he bartered it. Essentially the piece said that the government is going to start going after the Menonites because they don’t pay enough looters fees or taxes. I eat their food and drink their milk. It’s better than stuff in stores. Tastes better, is cheaper and healthy.

This whole thing makes me rather sick. The Menonites are very good people. Their children are happy, attentive, well educated and polite. There is virtually no crime amongst them. They’re a model of perfect community as they take care of each other. No one in their community really needs for anything because of this but nothing is compulsorily taken. Nothing is forcefully stolen and redistributed. This is the type of thinking that bothers our socialist government, which bothers me because the advertisement I was sold on was Land of the free and home of the Brave! It makes me wonder about this whole Polygamist fiasco in Texas. I don’t know them and maybe they are sick twisted bastards, but then again, maybe they’re like the Menonites and are simply being persecuted. I’d actually like some insight on that if anyone knows the Polygamists. I’d also like you to know it’s sheer BS if you hear anything about the Menonites.

In fact, this is the type of journalism we’re looking for here at Litmock. We’d appreciate any stories on governmental BS!

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