Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Woke up all middle aged…

Category: Issue 1, Poetry/Lyrics Winners

Crisp fog cavorts as breath
Early morn – scene is placid & tired
School days & work week
& I awake
Chilled w/ dew
Too early to be human today
Get the paper & retreat inside
From dead leaves
Covering still green grass
Like jumbled bedcovers
& fallen twigs
Intertwined like maddened lovers
It was summer when I went to bed
Humid & kids laughing
Suburban games w/ picket fences
Lined my nightmare
Now all empty eyed house
W/ darkened lights & pulled shades
Stare me down like an unwanted intruder
Back to warmth & black coffee
& safety of comfort
In my own madhouse…

I swear,
It was summer when I went to bed.

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