Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Category: Issue 11

I always dreamed of playing hostess to a guest like you
wished upon a million stars for your safe journey and pleasant arrival
finally when you came to dine, your visit was announced surprisingly
but I cherished the thought of our partnership just the same
and your beautiful occupancy was a bounty
on my womb

magical synergy was obtained
feeling your feet brush my ribs
while your hands massaged my heart
thus comprising the keepsake
your gift
the idea of your presence
was a present

green-eyed souls will never have the honor of knowing you so well
its our little secret

on the day you were to arrive
came the white room, causing my shaky body
still clutching my solid mind
signaling that i would soon be less
than i was

in an instant
you were ripped from my womb
you didn’t choose that time
it choose you
or we choose it
weekends were always nice
fragmented, i pondered
could i ever survive, if you were ripped from me again
little did i know then what i know now
about the unknown

as wars have been waged
in the name of god
or oil
or theoretical instances
i wonder what your concept is
of the war waged in this house
in your name
the right wing pushed for Robbie
the liberals fought for Ethan
we should have called you pawn
because that’s the role you now play
in this theatre of cruelty

we spill the secret
staining Spanish tile
that was specifically chosen
with joy and hope
by the soldiers
before lines where drawn
and crossed
and blurred

partnership turned to purgatory
marriage met with murder
soul rape
both made
another course of
comprising the menu
of our daily diet

we are simultaneously
serving life sentences
without the possibility for parole
in the prison we built together
surrounded by bars
ironically, you
in between
we have sentenced you too
punishment imposed
though you have committed no crime
guilt by genetics

may your brilliance
illuminate our tunnel vision
killing our thirst for
and reminding us
to treat each other
with the same respect
each day
that we give to a stranger

you deserve roads to be paved
in your name
not desecrated
you will have
bridges built
from your inspiration
no longer
due to resentment
being right
isn’t worth
all this wrong

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