Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yet I strive on

Category: Issue 15

My time has come
to rise above
family mistakes
of stupidity
of crazy immature decisions
that led to jail and even death

I have not been there
And at this point decide
to straighten up so I am
not led to the disgrace
of my family name

What disgrace you say
could make you hate and
even dishonor
your family?
Maybe the disgrace of
a little girl
raped til her soul
died forever

What about the lies and
commotion of growing up
in calamity and hunger
What about the chaos
that has driven me to this

Yet I strive on
Life is what you make it
And love is more than a word
Though I have learned this the hard way
In and out of bad situations
life decided to toss me

Yet I strive on
Sometimes in the dark
Not knowing where I am
Sometimes in the light
Seeing every truth
whether I like it or not

There is a reason for this insanity
called life
Yet I strive on
to forget the disgrace of my name
Yet not to forget
but to change to live
justice mercy and
the humble walk of life.

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