Thursday, September 15, 2005

Zombie Stew: Broken Vows

Category: Issue 1, Short Story Winners

We stepped into the limo, her white layered dress climbing ever so sultry like up her newlywed silk draped thigh. I wave to the people, family and friends I normally dote over at every opportunity, but today my hunger gets the best of me. I cannot wait to consummate my   new life with my ever so sexy wife. I slam the car door with zest, forgetting our clan, focused on what’s next.
  “…Less-go…!” I announce, leaning forward to tip the driver, spinning my hand clockwise impatiently. He smiles at me as the black impartial divider rises between us and he disappears. I scoot back in the seat cozying up to my luscious bride, she smiles coyly and we kiss. I cannot wait to get to our destination. I will not wait to get to our destination.
My hand slides slowly up the silk of her thigh as we kiss. She gently pushes me away with a flirtatious shiver of the lips.
  “Oh, wait a bit, how’s about a drink?” She purrs.
  Oh my, how hot I am and how good this sounds, I think we should get married once a week and forget about everything else that might ever happen. She pours herself some champagne, and me a scotch, neat, just the way I like it.
  “I lovvvee…Yyy…”
  Shriek of tires and road and world spins round and round, convulsing to a stop shuddering like a body at climax. We smack off the front wall of the limo, landing in a puddle, me on top of her. Not what I’d had in mind, but she still felt good against me.
  “You okay.” I say in creaky voice, scotch dripping from my hair. Yes, she nods with confusion in darting eyes. I sit up and raise her, brushing hair from her eyes.
  I hear the driver scream from within a hell I cannot fathom.
  “What the fuck?” I mutter. She clutches me in fear. I relax her and push open creaky bent car door. Half of the driver’s body is being dragged down the street like a hapless bug eyed rag doll.
  “Don’t look.” I tell her, unable to avert my eyes from the thriving mass of insanity that is unraveling before me. There sits a wriggling throng of people and pale human like marionettes wrapped in carnage strewn out across my vision. Small groups of feeding yellow eyed ghastly hung-over mutants writhe knotted up in the middle of the road feeding on blood and gore. The car door is cast aside like a ragged child’s forgotten toy as two of these things eat away at the second half of what was once a part of the driver.
  I knew our honeymoon would end sooner or later, they all do, but I hadn’t figured it would end this quickly.She pokes her sad angelic head outside the door in spite of my warnings, and I’m too oblivious to even notice her before she gets an eyeful of horrific scenery, pulls in a panicked deep breath, and lets out a shriek reminiscent of our deceased smeared across the road driver.
  I freeze in goose bumped fear for one of the few times in my whole life, gripped by the image of what must now inevitably happen.
Slowly, dead and dumb eyed creatures turn yellow gazes toward us, smearing bloody fingers on ravaged torn and dirtied clothing. A glint of human recognition creeps into shark like dead pupils, one by one by one by one, like crocodile eyes staring back from the beaches of a Florida pond in the dead of night as headlights flicker in the wind.
  I can see it in their gapes.
  The icy hand of terror releases the closing in my throat. I snap into anxiety fueled alcohol sweating action. I push my lovely back in the car abruptly but with care, jumping in beside her and slamming the door shut, quick as a cat. I lock the door as shadows slowly encroach upon the vehicle.
  …Think, man, THINK…Or die…
  Instinct takes over. I remove the snub nose revolver from my ankle holster and spin the chamber, counting the shells. There are six bullets and a dozen silhouettes, not very good odds for the nuptial couple. I’m not even sure if a bullet will work. I slightly crack the window, stick the gun in the first face I see and pull the trigger. The thing goes down in a splatter of blood, slinking off of the car. It seems to work. I close the window before the first clumsy finger gets through the crack.
My sweetheart screams louder than the burst of fire from my thirty-eight. I forgot about her feelings. I pet her hair and hold her hand as she rocks back and forth crying in crazy sobs and squeals.
  “Oh - my - god oh my god - oh my godohmygodohmgod…”
  “It’ll be okay, baby, just let me think for a minute.” I say as soothingly as I can muster. I have no clue what we’re going to do. More and more the swaying shark like creature’s quickly collect around the car. There must be a dozen shadows encompassing the limousine now.
We are separated from the front of the car, no way to get to the wheel. We are surrounded by these things from hell, if I never believed in the place before I assuredly do now, with no way to fight past such a large growing contingent.
  “We wait.” I announce. What else could we do?
She retracts from hysterical to shivering to mad to dependant to upset to vulnerable and all the while is still beautiful to me. She tires after the shock wears off, and snuggles up inside my arms as I watch vigilantly, like back during the wars when I was on point.
  I know what a man’s thinking, what he’s lusting for and hiding from when he crawls around in the dark, through damp algae filled musty jungles searching for a partner to commence the dance of death. I recognize the signs when a man, or multitudes of men, are coming to kill you, I’ve been playing that game for as long as I can remember. I was born on the point, for the love of god.
  But these are not men surrounding our casket on wheels.
  She moans softly beneath my thoughts, rolling over in a comfortable way. I watch and I wait and I protect her as best I can. This was not the way I had intended to spend our honeymoon, not in the darkest fantasy I could envision, but at least we were together.
  I began pounding rum and cokes to relax my frazzled nerves, clutching my weapon like a tot with a ragged old stuffed bear.

    . . . . . . . . . . . .

Day Two

  I woke to simpering, before my eyes even cracked open.

  …Warm light…

  My eyes blurred into focus in the mid morning heat. She meekly cried beside me. I could feel the car rocking gently to and fro with the moans from outside. I looked out as the taste of a hangover sponged the saliva from my desolate lips. There were hundreds of sloppy figures surrounding the car.
  I kissed her wrinkled sweaty forehead. Her mascara dripped down her cheeks, my sad angel.
  “It’ll be okay.” I smiled.
  I poured her a drink and she gulped it down, handing me the glass for more. I drank straight from the bottle, now was not the time for etiquette. We drank greedily as the car rocked faster and faster.
  It wouldn’t be long now.
  I could feel the fuzzy warmth encompass me, and could tell she was drunk. I began to hum softly, some song I’d heard when I was a child in that mysterious time before the wars. She laughed madly beside me, curling up to me in the heat of the pubescent day. She laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed right up until the shot from my snub nosed thirty-eight ended our vows.
  I took a long hard drink off of the brown bottle and stuck the barrel of the gun in my mouth.
  At least those mother fuckers weren’t going to get warm fresh meat…
Not from me…