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Litmocracy Contest Guidelines

The contest category was added to enable writers to write within guidelines. Some writers may find it easier to follow general guidelines and use them as inspiration, instead of writing in any of the many ‘free’ categories available on Litmocracy. If you choose to enter a Litmocracy contest, please keep in mind the guidelines set for the contest you are entering. Writers and voters alike should keep those guidelines in mind when submitting or voting on a piece. Ultimately, StarLizard, this forum’s administrator, will decide whether a piece has gone too far out of those guidelines, based on comments and flags submitted by voters and writers. She may ask you to re-work your story, or advise you to post in a free category instead.

Litmocracy wants to free your mind, but we know it’s scary. That’s why we’re introducing this guided contest forum. To help you get going with training wheels, in the hopes that you will soon kick those off and fly freely into one of our ‘free’ categories.

Entry length: When a word guideline number is provided in the contest rules, we expect you to respect it. When a word guideline number is posted, entry lengths are not carved in stone, but you should keep your word count close to that number. Guidelines are not a word count limit, but a guideline as to how long your entry should be.

Special Tags:
Special tags should always be respected. They may include words or ideas that need to be developed, or that may not be included in your piece. The special tags will often be challenging, especially when considering the contest theme. The goal is to get writers to think ‘out of the box’ – not following special tags may lead to being ‘voted down’ by voters or to StarLizard asking you to edit your piece or submit it in one of the free categories.

If you’ve been here a few times, you know what Litmocracy is all about. You know it isn’t about rules or administrating. Please rest assured that all comments and suggestions made by StarLizard on this forum are meant to ensure that all participants get their fair share, and have been thoroughly reviewed and assessed and based on comments from this site’s administrators and voters.


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