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I recognise a few names here and it feels good to be amongst a few people I’ve read before. This site was suggested by someone and I thought I’d come and try it out. I don’t know that I’ll be all that active before the New Year, but will try to log in regularly.

I’m Canadian born, lived in a number of countries, was educated in Britain, graduated from uni in Scotland and then clocked up some professional experience in France and Germany before temporarily leaving the work force to spend time with my daughter and in giving writing a shot.

So far I’ve had mixed success - a few poems and short stories have been published in ezines and paper print; one short story made part of an anthology (Tonto Short Stories) and a bilingual children’s book has just been released via Lulu too (Tiere ABC Animals). Anther book, this time a self-help book for mothers of young children, is currently being reviewed by a publisher and I have an number of other projects in various stages of completion.

I guess I can say that I specialize in very short stories (under 1000 words, often under 500), though dabble in poetry, children’s writing, longer stories and also am trying to put a novel or two together.

Looking forward to reading your work soon!

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Hi Kirsten70,

Glad to have you aboard!
You’ll find that Litmocracy offers a lot of flexibility with style and length, so I hope to read some of your posts soon!
Where were you born, and where do you live now? I also have some experience in children’s book - although I work as an illustrator rather than writer in that field.

Welcome to Litmocracy - I’m looking forward to reading your posts!



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