Litmocracy is proud to announce our first issue of E-Books.

Available now:

  • Brain Juice, By Dave Scotese. A collection of short stories intended to expand your mind and the minds of those with whom you share them.
  • Down For The Count, By Don Eminizer: At the age of 18 in 1988 I ran away from everything that I knew to join a pro wrestling school in Orange, Connecticut. By the time I was 20, I had my own television show on an East Coast cable network, a national magazine column in Wrestling’s Main Event, and a syndicated weekly radio show in 81 markets on American Sports Radio Network. By the time I was 23 I lost it all. This is a coming of age story that, unlike pro wrestling, pulls no punches. It covers all the sex, drugs, traveling and money a young man must survive in the world of sports entertainment. It even recounts the secret language a pro wrestler must endure and master while learning the ropes in a carnival lifestyle few ever know, but many would love to read about.

Coming Soon:

  • Getting Greasy Made Easy, By Barb Terry. A vehicle maintenance guide and automotive tips so easy, anyone can use them, written by race car driver, author and spokes-model Barb Terry.
  • Zombie Stew, By Don Eminizer: When the Zombies become the main course. A humorous tale of the end of the world of fine cuisine.
  • Midnight In America, By Don Eminizer: Every generation’s literature is fueled one way or another by its music. Classic lit grew in an era dominated by classic music, the golden era of the twenties had jazz, and the beats had jazz and rock. My generation had grunge… dispirited, listless, laconic grunge. Welcome to Midnight in America, the story of John Sterling. This is a tragedy from the back of a tour bus. John is a lost suburban orphan exploring existence itself, grabbing the world by the tail and then throwing it all away. Tearing into the darkness of alienation pushed by a crazed creative energy and will to succeed. Join his detached vision of the all consumptive world of rock, lit only by the faint glow of fame and fortune. Feel the high of performing and the euphoria of success accompanied by the hangover called addiction.