Friday, March 22, 2013

I know Why the Doggie Barks And The Kitty Meows-Do You?


We all love our pets. Some of us are absolutely crazy over our kitties and our dogs. We love the way they meow when they’re hungry or playful. We love all the different barks our pooch makes depending on what his or her situation or mood are. All pets are different. But how much do we really understand about the idiosyncrasies of the way our pets uniquely communicate with us? How much do we really know about how and why they bark or how and why they meow?

Do you know what your cat or dog are trying to say when they bark or they meow? Well, if you don’t, this article is for you.

Yes, it’s true, to some neighbors and even family members, a loud pet can be quite annoying. But when they bark or they meow, it’s their only way to communicate with you. Except for the Basenji, a species of dog that doesn’t make a peep, all dogs bark. They are pack animals in their natural habitat, and I don’t mean your back yard. Some yap, some howl, and some yelp, but they all bark to try to communicate with you. But what do these barks mean to you? What is your dog trying to say? Here are a few common types of barks that most dogs utilize at one time or another and what they mean to you.

1. The warning bark: This is usually a terse, energetic bark. They’re usually done one at a time as if to say “hey. If you don’t pay attention to what I’m telling you, you might not be able to feed me later, so listen up!”

2. The alarm bark: This is a more high-pitched, more frenetic bark, telling you that danger might be imminent. “Hey, master person. DANGER… DANGER… DANGER! Do not let this unknown stranger near my food bowl…. Oh, and take care of yourself too!”

3. The bark on command: This is a bark you teach your dog to bark on cue. He’s simply saying “yes, I know how to bark… this is degrading, now give me a cookie.”
come on, come on, throw me the ball… throw me the ball… throw me the ball… throw me the ball…

5. The need bark: This one is usually accompanied with some whining and it’s easy to read: “Come on man, I NEEEEEEED to go outside. Hurry up or you’ll be sorry. You’ll see. I’ll go right in your dress shoes.”

6. The nuisance bark: This is simply an “I need attention” bark. Dogs, like any pet, need lots of love and attention. If you don’t give it to them, after a while, they will annoy you to get what they need. You can’t blame them, really, can you?

Cats also make a lot of sounds over the course of their 9 lives. Like dogs, cats are naturally pack animals. They use these sounds, be it purrs or meows, to communicate with each other. When you have a cat as a pet, they also use these sounds to communicate with you. Here are some of the sounds your cat will make and what they’re trying to say to you.

1. The emphatic, loud meow: This is the “Hey… I said HEY…. Fill my food bowl servant. It is far too low to serve at my pleasure” meow. Cats are usually quite regal in their nature. When they want or need something, the WANT or NEED something, and they’re not afraid to let you know it.

2. The super soft or silent meow: This is the “awwww, look how cute I am!” Meow. They want to please you and they want affection, and if you don’t soon give it, you might taste claw.

3. The purr: Perhaps the favorite of all cat sounds is the purr. It simply means that whatever you are doing or whatever is going on, your cat is content. This is the “keep it up” sound. It means you’re doing a good job.

4. The hiss: This is the cat saying it’s very scared, frightened and angry. This is, by no means, a good sound. It means the cat’s fur is up and it’s ready to defend itself. In the wild, this is a warning to other animals that the cat is ready to strike. Be careful when you hear this sound, because when a cat feels cornered, even your beloved pet fluffy, any cat can be dangerous.

5. The yeowl: This is the loud mewl that makes a cat sound like it’s drunk in the alley howling at the moon. Trust me, the cat hasn’t gotten into your stash of special bourbon, your pet is just lonely. Give your cat some attention and some affection, and this annoying sound will soon cease.

There you have it. A simple playbook you can use to read and understand your cat or dog. They’re wonderful creatures, and there’s nothing quite as special or unique as having a strong bond with your pet. If you listen to what they have to say, they’ll tell you exactly what they need so you can give them what they want. Now go spend some quality time with your pets and enjoy their fantastic company.

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