Litmocracy Forums Litmocracy Forums en Copyright 2017 2017-05-02T13:04:14-05:00 Calling for a new link <p>Greetings and salutations,</p> <p>I would like to make a suggestion for a new link.</p> <p>As new members join Litmocracy and allow us to discover new styles and more diversified reading, I find myself wanting to read more of the same.</p> <p>By this I mean that when I really like a piece, I’d like to be able to read more stories (or news, or poems etc) submitted by that member. There already exists a function allowing us to view all forum posts submitted by a member; would it be possible to add a link that would allow us to see all submissions by a specific member?</p> <p>The results could appear just like they do when performing a search, a list of links to the submissions along with the first few lines.</p> <p>Maybe this isn’t possible, but I thought I’d ask in case it is and other people think it’s a good idea.</p> 2006-12-03T01:31:34-05:00 Problem with “Account” <p>Lucky me.&nbsp; Imagine my surprise when I found my Litmocracy account (Money Litmo owes me) is bigger than earned by me.&nbsp; While this may be a problem for the bean counter(s) to fix, I sure hope you take your sweet time and let the balance grow to an unearned million bucks so that I can buy a longer life with that cash.&nbsp; My balance should be 13 dollars and change, not the 39.00 plus it has available to me at this writing.&nbsp; Please fix this oversight, as I can not even get the account to open.&nbsp; Make my new balance $ 238,318.24 and I will disappear back into the piney woods from whence I first came to Litmocracy.</p> <p>Seriously, an inaccurate balance is tempting to steal, but not by Green Fingered Skinner -a media whore with millions of his own.<br /> Oh, snap!&nbsp; Does this comment point out a correction that helps Litmocracy be a better run enterprise?&nbsp; In that case, please correct my account balance, and then add the finders correction/suggestion fee to my new balance. </p> <p>Wow.&nbsp; Who knew a writer could make money in more ways than one on this site.&nbsp; Tighten up the accounting procedures, boys and girls.&nbsp; Or someone like me may own this site by next month.</p> <p>Your newly enriched friend,<br /> GFS</p> <p>Also, I can not return to forum home from forum, by either clicking on new Logo, or touching forum home words.&nbsp; Problem prevents getting to main page to read new posts.&nbsp; AND another thing, If I can’t read contest post and then post a comment that I found it, how can I be the first to do so?&nbsp; Just curious, George</p> 2011-03-26T21:04:21-05:00 How’s your brain average doing? <p>This isn’t a site problem per say.</p> <p>I think it’s a motivation, or member problem.</p> <p>Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m not around nearly enough. I go in and out, and lately I’ve been more out than in. But, uhm, I dunno, I’ve got something like 619 brain points right now. Which means I read and voted, and know damn well what’s currently submitted to Litmocracy.</p> <p>Granted, I could have written comments. And I should. We all should.</p> <p>So, Litmocraceans, how many brain points do <i>you</i> have? Do you vote just enough to be able to submit, or have you read and scored what others wrote? Be honest now, this poll is anonymous…</p> <p>Think about it for a second.</p> <p>This community is about, well, community. Writing is great, and I’d like to see more of it. But the ‘hood dudes, the COMMUNITY…tell others what you think. Read and vote. And write.</p> <p>Isn’t that what this site is all about?</p> <p>I think it is.</p> <p>So please, vote on this poll. I am genuinely curious about that one. I might be totally wrong in thinking that members don’t read and vote on submissions.&nbsp; But I sense a general sense of apathy lately - both in reading and voting, and in replying to forum posts. Show me, show Litmocracy and your fellow writers and artists you care. Vote on this poll, and vote on submissions. Prove me wrong.</p> <p>(Oh yeah, I voted on my own poll. Hope I’m not the only one to vote, cauz that’ll screw up the numbers. Just sayin’)</p> <p>- Star</p> 2010-12-30T02:35:16-05:00 Writing for kids? <p>Hey Dave, how about a category for Kid’s Lit?<br /> (Got this idea from your comment on Glutton’s story.) </p> <p>I’m taking a writing course from the Institute of Children’s Literature.&nbsp; It’s quite interesting trying to write for kids; there’s a surprising amount of discipline involved.&nbsp; I didn’t sign up for the course specifically because I wanted to write for kids, but just because I wanted to force some structure into my writing habits, and it’s been (I think) really good for me.&nbsp; You HAVE to pay attention to word count limits, you can’t use 40 dollar words, you don’t get to write black, depressing, “adult”, totally negative stuff.&nbsp; You have to develop characters within the parameters of the age group you’re trying to write for.&nbsp; </p> <p>In short, it takes all the fun out of writing!&nbsp; That’s why I’m, uh, late with my current assignment. <br /> I’ve been hanging around Litmocracy too much… </p> <p>But still, seriously, it might be something to consider, somehow.&nbsp; </p> <p>I’m going to check into the fridge magnets tonight… been really busy and when not, indulging self by surfing around and posting here.&nbsp; Whee!&nbsp; (heh heh)</p> 2007-02-24T20:38:41-05:00 Confused <p>I can’t figure out the new system. When I click on “Post” I am told I have to add five pieces to my list before I can post one. Okay, I looked through the site and added six to my list. I am still not allowed to post. Please tell me how to post.</p> 2008-02-04T10:03:41-05:00 Ghost users? <p>Am I the only one who noticed that the site stats will sometimes list more users logged in than are actually listed? </p> <p>Like right now, it says there are 5 Total Logged-In Users, but only two show up in the list. And there are no anonymous users. Do these extra 3 users represent people logged in to the Post function but not to the page?</p> <p>Just wonderin’...</p> <p><br />—Edit—<br /> I’ve just confirmed that is not the case by logging in to Post and logging out of the main page. I do not appear as logged in in the site stats. When coming back to the Forum from the Post app, I do however appear as anonymous automatically. The mystery deepens!!</p> 2006-12-02T02:17:53-05:00 Literal Translations Orders <p>Dave,</p> <p>I’d like to suggest adding a selection box to the Literal Translation Order page, to input the number of copies one wants to order. I’d like to be able to order one for my mum and my auntie and my grand-parents…without filling out 3 order forms.</p> <p>what do you think?</p> 2006-12-18T23:37:19-05:00 A little confused <p>How does this site work? I voted on some submissions, but I’m wary about submitting anything because I couldn’t find any submission guidelines.&nbsp; If you get in the literary magazine, do you get paid? There’s a lot of stuff I’m confused about.</p> 2009-12-29T21:30:10-05:00 New front page!!! <p>I suggest we have a litmag style front page with news and updates and a list that posts links to the top story or piece, as voted in each category, so you can see your work and name in the spotlight. As new pieces are voted to the top, they will replace the old pieces (some of which will be “retired” into Literal Translations) and we will have a fluid changing magazine style front.</p> 2008-05-12T02:32:03-05:00 Abandoned Car in Field Cries Out for Justice <p>&lt;&lt;Julia’s tireless work to get me to fix things around here has finally paid off.</p> <p>I’m kind of embarrassed because do you have any idea how long it took me to even find the FORUM????&nbsp; </p> <p>If I have to put in any more tireless work I’m going to have to get rid of my car!!!&nbsp; </p> <p>Listen, I’ll just come over.&nbsp; I’ll have this whole thing all fixed up for you over the next long weekend.</p> <p>Sigh.</p> <p>J. Tireless Car Colterjohn</p> 2008-05-30T02:26:25-05:00