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Here are all our Life submissions

What is LEED and Green Building in USA? by KennyRhoads
Triggering Cascade, Trauma Imprinting, and Total Reactance by Sam Vaknin
A Parent’s Survival Guide To Physics:  Topic One: Measuring Length by Me'ira
Good Intentions by Me'ira
Lost by Me'ira
Teen Suicide and Social Media by Sam Vaknin
A Cerebral Narcissist on His Sexuality by Sam Vaknin
Narcissist’s Frustrating, Negativistic, and Passive-Aggressive Behaviors by Sam Vaknin
Classification (Taxonomy) of Psychological Theories by Sam Vaknin
Narcissist’s Projection, Projective Identification, and the Victim’s Introjective Identification by Sam Vaknin
Abusers Abuse despite Abandonment Anxiety by Sam Vaknin
The Narcissist’s Stripped Ego by Sam Vaknin
Narcissist: Fake it Till You Make It by Sam Vaknin
Tourism, Safety, and Security: From Vacation to Staycation by Sam Vaknin
The Narcissist’s Seriously Ill child and Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome by Sam Vaknin
The Narcissist’s Disabled and Challenged Children by Sam Vaknin
Narcissistic Cops: Police Brutality Explained? by Sam Vaknin
Spite and Envy: Passive-Aggressive Narcissists by Sam Vaknin
The Narcissist Loves His Narcissistic Personality Disorder by Sam Vaknin
God’s Antivirus: Godel and The Matrix by Sam Vaknin
Making Sense of Nonsense by Sam Vaknin
Narcissistic Offspring, Narcissistic Parents by Sam Vaknin
And the Screen Explodes by Prometheus
Solitude as a Rational Choice by Sam Vaknin
Happy Holidays…. by deminizer
Munchausen and Munchausen by Proxy Syndromes: Forms of Pathological Narcissism? by Sam Vaknin
Psychology of The Lifestyle (Swinging) by Sam Vaknin
The Death of Traditional Sex in a Unisex World by Sam Vaknin
Narcissists, Social Media, and Porn by Sam Vaknin
The Narcissist’s Conflicted Relationship with His Fans, Followers, and Admirers by Sam Vaknin
TIPS: How to Cope with Financial Abuse by Sam Vaknin
Bad Mother, Good Mother, Good Son/Daughter: Offspring of Narcissistic Parents by Sam Vaknin
Do We Need Another Black Death? by Sam Vaknin
Children of Same-sex Couples by Sam Vaknin
Nostalgic Interlude by julianyway
QR Codes: the Ubiquitous Content Management System by Sam Vaknin
Impulse Control and Narcissistic Fear of Failure by Sam Vaknin
The Day I Became a Husband by Prometheus
When Things Go Crazy on Your Back by Prometheus
People-pleasers and Pathological Charmers by Sam Vaknin
Once and Future Monogamy by Sam Vaknin
“My Wife’s Separate Vacation Spells the Beginning of the End of Our Relationship” by Sam Vaknin
Thoughts Regarding Our Dystopic Future by Sam Vaknin
Original vs. Copy and the Question of Context by Sam Vaknin
Stopping Australia from the Cruel Practice of Live Animal Export by Prometheus
I Hate This Brave, New World by Sam Vaknin
The Social Costs of Small Business by Sam Vaknin
Sex - Or Gender? Film Review: “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” (2012) by Sam Vaknin
The Dynamics of Modern Marriages by Sam Vaknin
Time-limited Marriage: Solution to Cheating and Divorce? by Sam Vaknin
Locked Up Free by julianyway
Cold Empathy and Warm Empathy by Sam Vaknin
Why Things Matter by julianyway
The Demise of Empathy at Home and in the Family and the Role of Technology by Sam Vaknin
The Demise of Empathy in Business and the Workplace by Sam Vaknin
Demons, Obliviously by StarLizard
valentine for gail… by deminizer
IQCRACY: A Recipe for the Survival of Our Species by Sam Vaknin
“Parasite singles”, “boomerang kids”, and “accordion families” by Sam Vaknin
Meet The Litmock Baby! by deminizer
The Delegitimization of Torture by Sam Vaknin
How I Build My Intelligence by Chalice_Divine
Freelance Editor Encounters Problems by julianyway
Earth to Major Limp Pen: A Brief Primer of Critical Prose Terms by Chalice_Divine
The Freedom Tool by Prometheus
My Creative Stammer by StarLizard
Knitting For Time by StarLizard
The Importance of Gratitude by sulleej
‘Snow Magic’ Needs Help to Avoid Euthanasia by Prometheus
Litmocracy’s Baby by StarLizard
How The Stupid Took Over the World by Sam Vaknin
Romancing the Fire by Prometheus
One Time (Anecdotes) by julianyway
Discovery as I Freed the Dog Again! by Prometheus
Looking Down on People by julianyway
Stroking the Pain Away by Prometheus
Exclusive Club Challenge by julianyway
I hate by dayve311
sorry withdrawn by littlewhitewolf
Hot Flashes by frauherbert
How Nice It Is by julianyway
Grip by Texas Aggie '08
Blood From a Stone (Close Enough to the Truth for Discomfort) by julianyway
The Way I Clean the House by julianyway
Fifteen by julianyway
Talking to Myself by StarLizard
Advertisitis (ad VER ti SI tus) by Dave Scotese
Praying for Others by julianyway
Surviving Childe by SurvivingChilde
Stupid Adults by Dave Scotese
Boyfriend Exegesis by julianyway
a conversation with myself by saleha
Armchair Airlines Flight 101 by Green Fingered Skinner
What’s Happened to the Sausages? by littlewhitewolf
Abuse by julianyway
The Star Monster by yesindeedybob
The Wrong Side of the Road? by julianyway
Of Purification, Hearts, Groundhogs, and Candles by yesindeedybob
Canadian Caveat (In response to Dave) by julianyway
Steamy Sex (Pets/The Front Lines, Ch. 5) by julianyway