Issue 9

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Here are all our Issue 9 submissions

Kick me, I’m Irish by Rreed423
The Hall of the Mountain King by Green Fingered Skinner
Designated Ready Maid by chicks
The Pious Cook by Prometheus
To the One by calendula
Abyss by calendula
Good Grief by julianyway
The New Nicholas Rigby by iamshaylen
scrapped by Captain Vegetable
superhero by Captain Vegetable
The Disposable Male by Dave Scotese
Hyperinflation by Dave Scotese
The End Of The Pier by 2060beat
Earning a Living by Dave Scotese
The Last Straw by julianyway
A Letter to Daddy by Green Fingered Skinner
Why is it so taxing? by Dave Scotese
A Letter to the Pastor by Dave Scotese
Governmentology and the Dirty Earth by Dave Scotese