Freelance Samples

Here's where you should submit sample work if you're interested in picking up some freelance writing contracts. Simply pick a category, and submit a sample. You can also post your resume in the 'Resume' section. Could we make it any simpler? will review your sample and resume and let you know if he has any work to send you.

There are 11 subcategories under Freelance Samples:
  • Ads - Arenas of will power.
  • Pro Athletes Council - Provide a sample article or a story idea for the Pro Athletes Council magazine.
  • Editing - Fix somebody else's lazy sloppy work.
  • Essays - Lazy college kids (and professors) pay you to do their homework.
  • Ghost Writing - You write. Somebody else's story. You get paid. They claim they did it.
  • Miscellaneous - Whatever you think somebody else might pay a writer for.
  • PR - Toot somebody's horn for money, though they'll complain about being shy and tell you you don't say enough about them.
  • Resumes and Bios
  • Screenplays - If we have to explain, you can't write them.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Copy - Website copy, for websites people need built or enhanced

Here are all our Freelance Samples submissions

What is LEED and Green Building in USA? by KennyRhoads
Good Intentions by Me'ira
Lost by Me'ira
Loving Healing Press Announces Pushcart Nominees for 2011 by Prometheus
Poetry of Hope from a Traditionalist Pen by Prometheus
A&R Edelman Company Profile by Lhargrave
“Recovering the Self” Turns One Year Old (or Young) by Prometheus
Soon-to-be-Published, and now “Stop Me” by Prometheus
AD/HD SUCCESS! – Confidence Boost to Children with AD/HD by Prometheus
“Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery” by Barbara Sinor, Ph.D. by Prometheus
Lummox Press Calls for Submissions for the Todd Moore Anthology by Prometheus
In the Footsteps of Dracula by Prometheus
An American Manifesto by marc.okon
my legacy by marc.okon
Chomsky VS Okon (excerpt of landmark series -The Internet Sessions) by marc.okon by marc.okon
A great new business for a global generation by marc.okon
How to save the American Automobile industry by marc.okon
Taxi Tops LTD. by marc.okon
Global Experiences - Dublin by akilles13
Brad Hostetter by akilles13
John Rawls, the Original Position, Truth, and Hitler by julianyway
If you can understand all of this, then you are my dream. by lelescecest
Donkey Diaries, Part Three by julianyway
Landslide (Donkey Diaries, Part III) by julianyway
Traveling With Cats by AshB22
The Setting Sun by marc.okon
Earned Apples by bosley
Free Battery for Toshiba Satellite A50 and Toshiba Satellite A55. by Dave Scotese
Bring on the Lazy Sloppy Work! by julianyway
Resume/C.V Julia Colterjohn (julianyway) by julianyway
Satellite Radio - It’s Not Your Father’s Sputnik by iwill
Auto Insurance Chat and Other Sleep Aids by iwill
Don Eminizer by deminizer
You’ve Got to be Kidding Me…. by writeaway