Wednesday, January 10, 2007



There’s noise in my nightmind.
Fervent voices that coax me from the dreams that clash with colour and sound.
The screamswhisperstaunts,
Frantic in the house of silence, painful contrast
The movement in my wounds
A world away from my tortured memory with no off button.

The light turns on, and my nightmind fades.
Grab a pen, draw the swirls and the erratic music in a frenzy of blue biro and lined paper.
The murals of
And faces
And eyes

But the eyes close in my nightmind.
And then the monsters of my hallucinarypsychosisnightmare
Claw into the iris of my minds view.
And in the dark I cannot see them when I open my eyes but they are still there and in my brain.

On with the light, again, to feed the machine in my nightmind.
So he hides in the corner of my head.
And it chews up my surroundings,
As my pen digs grooves into callused figures and writes the wordspicturescrashes
With no meaning
An attempt to channel the waterfall of thoughts that exist in this insanity.

But still there is no way to subdue the nightmind.
And my thoughts turn on themselves to produce this increasinginsomniacinsanity.
It slashes the fabric of normality and makes me quake
As I wonder which unreality is in there waiting to be unleashed.
It already thrashes on its tether and rips apart
With it’s VOICE.

The chorus of dawn sends my nightmind away.
So he may scheme and wait until I crawl back to his feet for more of this tortureaddictioninjection.
He stirs my mind until these thoughtsmemoriesregrets blur into a single thought.
But there is no easy way out because every time I shut out the light he is waiting in the darkprisonmindlessness.
The only escape is to

And my Nightmind laughs.

Nightmind (Part II)

With my nightmind there is no sleep,
Can’t keep this up.
Search deep,

Even as the stars begin to fade,
And I escape my nightmind’s shade,
I wade through seas of ink.
Upon my grave,

They waved farewell
This magic spell.
I’ll tell you a story.
This is hell.

There’s no escape
The quiet said
As I toss upon my bed
This nightmind yells inside my head.
This anger, blood
Love hearts and roses
Stains my nightmind deepest red.
My sanity hanging by a thread.

There’s no solace until I find,
The hiding soul of my nightmind.
I search until my final breath
But there will be no silence,
Before death.