Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thomas Kelly’s Brutal Killing Death and Proposed Despotic Law

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California police brutally killed a homeless man in Fullerton early this month. Six police officers were involved in wounding him fatally. Two of them are now behind the bars on charges of murder and unintentional manslaughter. 

Thomas Kelly was a homeless man of 37, suffering from schizophrenia. He was shot with tasers five times by a group of Fullerton police officers on the evening of September 5, 211. The police suspected him of burglarizing a car. While the brutal torture of the helpless victim was in progress, a civilian caught the scene on his cell phone camera. The video was shown and discussed on TYT Network’s news show. While two of the police officers have been arrested for murder and manslaughter, the other are on administrative leave.

Given the video as solid evidence of illegal and unethical police action, the police across the country has started asking for banning video-making of police action. This has given concerns over civilian safety against reckless police action which itself transgresses law, as in case of Thomas Kelly. Homeless people are at an excessive risk of crime and violence already. Expert on homelessness and outreach Jay S. levy, author of Homeless Narratives & Pretreatment Pathways, commented on the incident as: 

“My sympathies go out to the family of Thomas Kelley. We are always concerned that the police are not given the proper training for de-escalating situations that involve people with major mental illnesses. That being said… video tape evidence is an important tool for assuring accountability. If we are serious about addressing issues of homelessness and major mental illness, it is essential that we provide ongoing outreach and affordable housing to those who are the most vulnerable among us, rather than criminalizing it. Ultimately, this is not only a moral issue, but it will cost tax payers less, as well as save lives, if we provide proper training and enact the right policies.”

Thomas Kelly’s killing is just the beginning of a case whereby tolerating police torture of civilians may be attempted to be made as a matter of course. For those who care about their lives, it is time to speak up against the proposed law of banning citizens from taping police crimes. A crime after all is crime and the fact that the police is guilty of it makes it simply more heinous, not tolerable. It is certainly the time to ask the president for justice and the right to record any/all evidence of every crime, no matter who the criminal.   

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