Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Robot ZOO

Category: Issue 22

Robot ZOO

I went to the robot zoo
I wanted to see what the animals do
When no one is looking

So I hid in the dark
Til they closed up the park
And I had the most marvelous view
And I saw what was cooking

I saw them feed the chimpanzees
On motor oil and batteries
The kangaroo wiggled his metal ears
When they tossed him a salad of wires and gears

I saw them remove the zebra’s stripes
They rubbed them off with Handy Wipes
The robot monkey didn’t swing
In fact he didn’t do a thing
I watched them use a pair of pliers
To replace his monkey wires

The robot bear didn’t go anywhere
He just sat around with a vacant stare
They opened him up looking for clues
Finally replacing a burnt out fuse

The sleek black panther looked fantastic
His coat was made of shiny plastic
They wiped him down with an oily rag
And fed him something from a paper bag

The robot giraffe gave me a laugh
They used metal polish to give him a bath
All in all, I was happy to see
That the robot animals were just like me

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